Specialty services

Supermarket Compost Program

In 1994, Recology developed a full-service program for supermarkets throughout California that focuses on organics recycling, collection, hauling and environmental regulatory compliance.

This program has been designed and implemented by our Waste Zero Team to help grocery stores minimize their food scraps, much of which is currently landfill-bound.

Our Waste Zero Specialists, who have many years of experience in supermarket management, can tailor a program to fit your store’s unique operational needs, so that valuable resources like food scraps, floral trimmings and other green material are recycled into nutrient-rich compost, saving landfill space and reducing agricultural water consumption.

By participating in the Supermarket Compost Program, your store(s) can:

      • Maintain labor neutrality
      • Control retail shrink
      • Increase recycling revenue
      • Receive hauling and logistics support
      • Review monthly performance reports for each store participating in the program
      • Comply with California AB 1826, Mandatory Organics Recycling

    What is considered acceptable food scraps?
    Under the Supermarket Compost Program, we accept produce and other trimmed and culled organic material that cannot be sold by supermarkets and grocery stores.

    This material is taken to Recology Blossom Valley Organics processing facility and converted into compost or mulch to be used as a soil amendment by farmers and vintners to close the recycling loop within the agricultural industry. By sending the organic material to our processing facility rather than a landfill, the food scraps will be recycled into compost to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change.

    Contact the Supermarket Division by phone or email:
    Larry Vaccaro
    (800) 500-1630

    Download the Supermarket Program Flyer


    Entertainment Industry

    We offer tailored services for the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Services include temporary or permanent containers for film, TV, and commercial productions, including photo shoots and special events.

    Sustainable Commercial Services

        • Curbside services with a wide selection of container sizes
        • We’ll help you host a zero waste production
        • Flexible service plans, from 1-7 days a week, based on your location
        • A large customer service department staffed with real people
        • Container placement at the most convenient locations
        • Reliable, environmentally sound equipment and zero waste services
    • For Your Shoot
      We provide standard 3 and 4 cubic yard bins for all mixed waste materials.

        • 3 cubic yards
          Measures approximately 72” x 41.5” x 41.5”
        • 4 cubic yards
          Measures approximately 72” x 50.5” x 46”

      For Prep, Wrap, and Construction
      Larger roll-off boxes are available for recycling of sets, builds, and custom props.

        • 10 cubic yards
          Measures approximately 16′ x 8′ x 2′
        • 40 cubic yards
          Measures approximately 20′ x 8′ x 6′

      Example Materials We Cannot Accept:

        • Electronic waste, hazardous waste
        • Auto parts (including tires & batteries)
        • Explosives
        • Fluorescent light bulbs & tubes
        • Fuel
        • Medical Waste

    Contact us to set up your program.


    Business Services

    Waste Zero

    Audits and Consultations
    Our Waste Zero Team helps businesses apply best management practices in collecting recycling, compost and landfill materials. We provide a single point of contact to help you implement new recycling programs or improve your existing program and make sure you have the resources you need.

    Depending on your type of business or residential property, the team will:

    • Visit your site to discuss sustainability goals, state and local recycling requirements and best practices for minimizing your waste stream
    • Conduct audits of your waste stream to better customize your service and help you meet your diversion goals
    • Customize your service options and equipment to meet your needs
    • Provide signs, fliers, stickers, and staff training and presentations at no additional cost

    The Waste Zero Team is familiar with assisting all business types–from office buildings, hotels and hospitality, restaurants, hospitals, and shopping centers to large commercial residential properties (Multi-Family Dwellings).

    Contact the Zero Waste Team