Reuse & Donate

Recology Los Angeles offers educational assistance to residents, property managers, property owners, and businesses to help achieve a world without waste. Educational services include on-site waste audits, tenant and employee trainings, lobby tabling, and door-to-door education. Please contact us for more information or assistance with any of these programs.

To help your business develop an efficient recycling and/or compost program, our expert team will help assess and select the most cost-effective container type, size and service configuration possible to meet your company’s needs.

10 Ways You Can Recycle

Recycling is an easy way to be an environmental steward and divert waste from landfills. Incorporating recycling practices into your daily life is easy and there are many organizations that accept recyclable products for free. Check out these ten easy ways in which you can be a pro-recycler.

  1. Used printer cartridges can be returned to most office supply stores for recycling and, in some cases, a discount on your next purchase.
  2. Batteries can be recycled at nearly any Best Buy.
  3. Recycle your old fluorescent light bulbs at an IKEA or a Home Depot.
  4. Easily recycle your old motor oil at any O’Reilly’s Auto Parts or AutoZone; they accept up to 5 gallons of used oil per day, per person.
  5. Recycle your old cell phones by donating them to a non-profit organization that accepts and refurbishes used cell phones.
  6. Give your old electronics another life by recycling them with a certified recycler:
  7. Recycle your food scraps and green waste by composting. Eventually all the compostable waste will break down and create a great addition for your soil.
  8. Before you throw out a can of paint, recycle it! PaintCare is an organization that accepts used paint for free, simply visit this link to find a drop-off location near you:
  9. Don’t throw plastic and glass bottles away, recycle them at your local curbside pick-up. If your service provider does not have recycling yet, find your local recycling center by either calling 1-(800)-CLEAN-UP or visiting
  10. Recycle your old mattress by finding a recycling center sponsored by the Mattress Recycling Council:

10 Ways You Can Reduce Waste

Being environmentally friendly entails reducing the amount of waste you generate by making responsible decisions. Reducing waste not only cuts down on your expenses, but is a great way to live a waste zero lifestyle. Check out these ten ways you can reduce your waste.

  1. Purchase reusable containers instead of Ziploc bags for food storage.
  2. Use reusable grocery bags when shopping instead of plastic and paper bags.
  3. Purchase products with less packaging such as fresh produce instead of frozen produce, and don’t forget to use your reusable produce bags!
  4. Go with paperless bills! Start having your bills sent to you via e-mail instead of through the mail.
  5. Purchase products made with post-consumer recycled material such as recycled printer paper or tissue.
  6. Refuse one-use coffee and smoothie cups. Most shops sell reusable cups and offer a discount every time you use your reusable.
  7. Do the “No Straw Pledge.” Straws are an unnecessary, one-time use disposable that ends up in landfills and pollutes our waterways and oceans. To formally take the No Straw Pledge, visit EcoCycle at
  8. Purchase rechargeable batteries.
  9. Use ceramic dishware and reusable flatware instead of one-time use paper or plastic products.
  10. Skip bottled water and use reusable bottles with filtered or tap water instead. Not only is this a cost savings, but tap water is more strictly regulated than bottled water, which ensures your safety.

10 Ways You Can Reuse Products

Bringing a new purpose to old products is a great way to divert waste away from the landfills and live a waste zero lifestyle. Most products can easily be repurposed, such as using a toilet tissue roll to keep your electronic cords together. Check out these ten easy ways you can reuse products and give them a new life!

  1. Reuse jars (e.g., spaghetti sauce) and plastic containers (e.g., yogurt tubs) as storage containers for food and other items.
  2. Take your containers with you when you go out to eat so to avoid Styrofoam and plastic to-go boxes.
  3. Shop at thrift shops, garage sales, recycle and Craigslist more often. You can find a lot of unique pieces and daily necessities for a lot cheaper than your usual stores.
  4. Instead of throwing away gift bags you receive, reuse them for another event or birthday.
  5. Save junk mail and use the blank side of the mail as scratch paper.
  6. Use your old toothbrush for household cleaning purposes and get into those hard-to-reach cracks.
  7. Use old, worn-out towels as cleaning rags.
  8. Capture shower water while waiting for the shower to warm up. Reuse this water for plants.
  9. Save any packaging material you receive and reuse it or bring it to a shipping facility that can.
  10. Use toilet paper rolls or bread tags to help wrangle the cords of your electronics.