Yes; Recology companies provide special services to residents who are physically unable to set their bins near the curb for collection. Please call your Recology company for assistance.

Holiday Collection Schedule

Recology CleanScapes operates regularly on all holidays except for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. If your collection day falls on or after one of these three holidays, your collection will be one day later that week.

For example, if your regularly scheduled collection day falls on Thanksgiving Day, Recology CleanScapes will collect your material on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. If your regularly scheduled collection day is Friday, your materials will be collected on Saturday.

Service Alerts and Weather Delays

If extreme weather conditions make it unsafe for our trucks to pick up your garbage, recycling, or food and yard waste, Recology CleanScapes will try to collect materials on the first day that regular service resumes.

At that time, Recology CleanScapes will pick up extra materials equal to what would have been collected on the missed collection day(s) at no charge. Please check the homepage for current collection information during storms.

To temporarily stop service, call Customer Service at 206.767.1166. You will not be billed for stopped collections if the request is made at least one week prior to the affected collection day.

Report a Missed Collection
To report a missed collection, please call 206.767.1166, send an email or use the Missed Collection Form. Please notify Recology CleanScapes within 24 hours of the missed collection. Recology operates during normal business days in the City of SeaTac so if your collection is missed and reported on a Friday, collection will occur the following Monday.

Please keep in mind:

Set Out Time
Residential materials must be set out by 7am on collection day. Apartments, Condos and Commercial materials must be set out by 5am on collection day.

Material Preparation
If you find a tag on your materials titled “we’re sorry,” please correct the problem indicated. If you are a residential customer and would like us to return and collect the materials before your next collection day, there is a $6.49 return trip charge.

Collection Calendar
If you are uncertain of your collection day, login to your account to view your collection calendar, send us an email, or call 206.767.1166.

SeaTac customers may select from several different garbage container sizes and save money by recycling and composting more.

View SeaTac rates.

Need a large container? Learn more about drop box services.



Tips & Guidelines

Did you know food scraps, uncoated food-soiled paper, and yard waste can be composted into a nutrient-rich soil amendment? Finished compost creates a valuable product used in parks and gardens. Approximately 30% of all material that ends up in the landfill could have been composted instead. When you keep food scraps, food-soiled paper and yard waste separate from your garbage, you extend the life of our landfills and conserve resources.

Food & yard waste collection is included with your residential garbage subscription at no additional cost! Food & yard waste is collected weekly on the same day as your garbage collection. To sign up for service, submit a Modify Service Form or call Recology CleanScapes at 206.767.1166.

Materials Collected

Put these types of materials in your food and yard waste cart:

Food scraps

      • Fruits, vegetables
      • Bread, pasta, grains
      • Eggshells, nutshells
      • Fish, meat, dairy
      • Shells, bones
      • Coffee grounds and filters
      • Tea bags

Food-soiled paper

      • Paper towels and napkins
      • Uncoated paper plates and cups
      • Uncoated paper take-out cartons
      • Pizza delivery boxes
      • Paper bags containing food scraps
      • Shredded paper

Yard debris

      • Grass clippings
      • Leaves, twigs
      • Weeds
      • Houseplants
      • Branches (under 4′ long, 4″ wide)


DO NOT place these items in your food and yard waste cart:
      • Glass
      • Animal or human waste
      • Pet litter
      • Diapers
      • Plastic
      • StyrofoamTM
      • Foil

    • Hazardous waste
      • Soil
      • Rocks
      • Stumps/limbs (over 4′ long, 4″ wide)
      • Lumber or fencing
      • Painted or treated wood
      • Metal

Download the Food and Yard Waste Poster



Watch the Kitchen Composting 101 video below for tips

More videos from King County: Love Your Leftovers | Shop Smart | Store It Right



BatteriesRecology CleanScapes offers free curbside collection of button, alkaline, and rechargeable batteries for SeaTac residential customers. Please follow the instructions below to recycle household batteries:

  • Put button and alkaline batteries in a sealed plastic bag and place on top of your recycling cart (not inside).
  • Put rechargeable batteries in a separate sealed plastic bag and place on top of your recycling cart (not inside).
  • Motor vehicle batteries are not accepted in your curbside recycling. Most battery retailers and auto repair shops accept auto batteries for recycling.

SeaTac residential customers may also drop off household batteries at The Recology Store Highline.

Apartment and condominium customers must call to arrange collection. Service must be requested by the bill payer on record. Please DO NOT set batteries next to or inside of carts or containers.

MedicationsUnused medicines are not prohibited from the garbage; however there are better ways to dispose of them.

Medicines flushed down the toilet add unwanted contaminants to surface water bodies and marine habitats. Medicines put in your garbage could be found and accidentally consumed by children or pets, or resold illegally.

Visit the Take Back Your Meds for locations of drop-off centers.


Use our online form to Request a Debris Box.

View the Debris Boxes and Construction Services page to find container sizes, FAQs, and service brochures.

The maximum allowed weight is 14,000 lbs due to safety concerns. If the container weighs more than 14,000 lbs, the container will be off-loaded at the customer’s expense. Materials such as dirt, concrete, bricks or other heavy materials add tremendous bulk and weight to the container.


Our Waste Zero Team is here for you!  Visit our business services page to connect with a Waste Zero Specialist who will train your staff or tenants, provide signage and resources, and place containers for convenience.

View Bills Online
You will need your account number and the phone number on your account to register. This information is provided in the service guide you receive in December, or you can call Customer Service.

Click the Login button at the top of any page. You can use your Recology CleanScapes account to:

– View your invoices
– Pay your bill with a credit card, debit card or e-Check
– Access your collection calendar

If you do not already have an online account, you’ll need to create an account first.

Taxes on your garbage bill consist of:

Washington State Refuse Tax – 3.6%
These funds are used to provide financial assistance to local governments for repair and maintenance of public works projects.

City Utility Tax

  • Bothell – 5%
  • Burien – 6%
  • Carnation – 8%
  • Des Moines – 18%
  • Issaquah – 6%
  • Maple Valley – NA
  • SeaTac – NA
  • Seattle – NA
  • Shoreline – 6.552%

Utility tax revenue provides basic City services such as police protection, parks and street maintenance, human services, jail and environmental services.

King County Hazardous Waste Fee

  • $1.46/mo for small volume generators (≤ 0.48 cu. yards – cart or can)
  • $12.01/mo for medium volume generators (0.48 to < 10 cu. yds – dumpster)
  • $46.15/mo for large volume generators (≥ 10 cu. yds – roll-off container)

This monthly fee is collected by the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County to fund the Hazardous Wastemobile and the Hazardous Waste Collection facilities at transfer stations throughout the county. You can learn more at

Create Account
You can create a Recology CleanScapes online account to view electronic invoices, make electronic payments, and view your account information and collection schedule. To create an online account, you will need your Recology CleanScapes customer account number and the phone number Recology CleanScapes has on file for your account. This information will be included with the Service Guide you receive in May. Please call Customer Service at 206.767.1166 if you need this information.

Once you have this information, follow these simple steps to set up your online account:

1. Click “Login” at the top of this page.

2. Select “Login: City of SeaTac customers”.

3. Register your account:
If you have not registered for a username and password, click on “Click here to register.” Fill in your information and at the bottom of the registration form, enter the phone number associated with your account. If you need to update the phone number, call 206.767.1166. When you have completed the form, click “Register.”

4. Check your email:
An email containing a link to confirm registration will be sent to your email address. Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your registration.

5. Login:
You can now return to the login page and use your newly registered username and password to login to your account.

Payment Options

    • Pay by e-Check.
    • Pay by credit or debit card.
    • Pay by automatic deduction from your checking or savings account.
    • Pay by check.

Pay by e-Check or credit card online or by phone:

Call 206.254.9954 or visit our online payment center to pay with a check or with a credit/debit card. You will be asked to provide the following account information, which is indicated on your invoice: Recology CleanScapes customer number, invoice number, method of payment and payment amount. Your transaction will be securely processed.

Pay by automatic deduction:

Automatic payment makes paying your bill easy. Each billing period you will receive your bill via regular mail or, if you use e-Billing, you will receive an email notification that your bill is ready to be viewed (see Billing Options below). Your bill will be paid by automatic deduction from your bank account on the 20th of the month or the first business day following the 20th.

To sign up for this service, download and submit the request for automatic deduction payment form. Requests received by the 20th of the month will take effect on your next bill.

Pay by check:

Mail your check and invoice payment stub to:
Recology CleanScapes
P.O. Box 34260
Seattle, WA 98124-1260

Processing of payments mailed to any other address will be delayed. By sending a check as payment, you authorize Recology CleanScapes to use information on your check to make a one-time electronic debit from your account at the financial institution on your check.  This electronic debit for the amount of your check may be withdrawn from your account as early as the same day we receive your check. For further information about this check conversion process, please visit or call our Customer Service at 206.767.1166.

Billing Options

    • You can receive your bill through regular mail or you can sign up for paperless billing.
    • If you sign up for paperless billing, you will be notified via email that your invoice is ready for payment. The email will contain a link to your Recology CleanScapes account where you can view your bill and pay online using an e-Check or credit card.
    • To sign up for paperless billing, download and submit the request for paperless billing form.

Additional Information About Your Account:

Past Due Accounts: An account is past due if payment is not posted by the end of the billing period. Payments received on weekends and holidays will be posted on the next business day. A 1% finance charge per month will be applied to any past due amount. Failure to pay invoices by the specified due date can result in the suspension or cancellation of services and the submission of your account to an external collection agency. Recology CleanScapes reserves the right to remove containers if service is suspended for non-payment. There is a $10 container redelivery fee to resume service. In order to resume services on a delinquent account, all charges must be paid in full. You may be required to make a prepayment.

Returned Payments:  If a payment is rejected due to incorrect information or insufficient funds, you will be charged a returned payment fee of $20.

Property Owners: Property owners and tenants are both equally responsible for timely notification of changes in occupancy and/or property ownership. The property owner is ultimately responsible for these charges unless he or she notifies Recology CleanScapes of a change in occupancy within ten (10) days of a tenant’s move-out date.

Billing Disputes: If you have questions and/or disputes about your bill or service, please call Recology CleanScapes Customer Service at 206.767.1166 to speak with a representative.

Taxes and Surcharges: Your Recology CleanScapes bill includes all required taxes and surcharges.

Other Questions: For questions or comments about your service, please email us at or call Customer Service at 206.767.1166.

You may sign up for service or change your container size by calling Customer Service at 206.767.1166 or by submitting the appropriate online form:

Modify Service Levels Form
Open a New Account



If you can’t reduce, recycle!
If you have more materials to recycle than will fit in your cart, put them in a cardboard box (2′ x 2′ x 2′ or smaller) next to your cart.

The following materials are accepted in your recycling cart. All containers must be clean and empty.

Recyclable Materials List

    • Cardboard
    • Office paper, including windowed envelopes, color paper, file folders and post-it notes
    • Mail, magazines, mixed paper
    • Newspaper
    • Paper bags
    • Paper cups
    • Phone books & paperback books
    • Shredded paper
    • Wrapping paper (non-metalic)
    • Paper cartons
    • Juice boxes, Tetra Paks & aseptic containers
    • Milk and soy milk cartons
    • Paper or frozen food boxes
    • Bottles (all colors and numbers)
    • Food containers and trays
    • Clear or colored plastic milk jugs
    • Dairy tubs
    • Pill bottles (no prescription vials)
    • Plastic cups
    • Lids (3 inches or wider)
    • Plastic plant pots
    • Plastic buckets
    • Plastic bags (shopping, newspaper and dry-cleaning bags when bagged together)
    • PVC pipe (white only)
    • Household rigid plastic items such as furniture, and laundry baskets

    • Aluminum cans
    • Aluminum foil & pie tins (clean)
    • Tin cans
    • Ferrous scrap metal
    • Other scrap metals (less than 2’ x 2’ x 2’)

    • Bottles
    • Jars

For items that are recyclable but require special handling, please see the Specialty Items page.

Download the Recycling Poster






Yes, garbage in an overstuffed container will not loosen or fall into the truck when overturned. Compacting garbage too tightly into your container may also cause it to surpass its weight limit. Ordinary garbage produced by daily living will generally be within the container weight limitations.