Recology Organics

Recology Organics creates premium compost and landscape products that help farms and gardens throughout California and Oregon live a healthy, happy, more productive life. But you might say, there’s something else we’re creating that’s just as important: A World Without Waste.

We do it by converting people’s everyday yard trimmings and food scraps into earth-friendly, nutrient-rich soil amendments. So instead of ending up in landfills, these diverse natural resources can serve their best and highest use, feeding the earth from which they once came.


       Grocery Division & AB1826


The Recology Grocery Division provides large and small grocers throughout California with organics collection, hauling, staff trainings, and ongoing consulting to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, like the recent state mandate, AB 1826.  This measure requires businesses and multi-family dwellings that generate 8-cubic yards or more of organic materials per week to arrange for organic recycling services.

The goal of the Recology Grocery Division is to help our grocers minimize food waste and instead compost unsold organic products in order to increase landfill diversion. Recology creates tailored programs that fit the needs of each store and management team.

Is your store looking to comply with AB 1826?  Contact the Recology Grocery Division.