Our Partnerships

Farmers across California and Oregon use Recology Organics to grow everything from fruit and vegetables, to flowers and plants.

We work with both traditional and organic farmers, as well as home and garden landscapers to find the best soil solutions for all growing needs. Our customers have found compost to be a viable alternative to synthetic fertilizers. As a result, Recology Compost and custom blended products help improve soil composition and grow healthy crops.

Compost Combats Climate Change

In 2019, Recology partnered with Kistler Santo Domingo Ranch, a cattle ranch in Oakdale, CA. Kistler Ranch was awarded a grant through the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Healthy Soils Program to support research on carbon sequestration through compost application on rangelands.

Through the Healthy Soils Program grant, Kistler Santo Domingo Ranch received over 800 tons of Recology Premium Compost to spread at a rate of 8 tons/acre on approximately 100 acres.The expected greenhouse gas reduction from this application is roughly 400 metric tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to removing approximately 90 cars off the road for one year.

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