Our Farms


Farmers across California and Oregon use Recology Organics to grow everything from fruit and vegetables, to flowers and plants.  Some of our growers include apple orchards, vineyards, and flower farms. We work with both traditional and organic farmers, as well as home and garden landscapers to find the best soil solutions for all growing needs.

Our farmers have found compost to be a viable alternative to using synthetic fertilizers.  As a result, Recology compost and custom blended products help improve soil health and grow healthy crops.

Why Use Compost?

Benefits of Compost

Over time, soils can lose their nutrients due to continuous harvesting. Amending them with nutrient-rich compost returns valuable minerals to depleted soils, restoring their natural health. Besides benefiting the soil and the crops that grow from it, compost also reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, and conserves water and energy for the farmers and landscapers who use it.
  • Elevates soil health
  • Provides nutrients and minerals in soil
  • Improves soil tilth and structure
  • Enhances biological activity in soil
  • Increases water infiltration and storage
  • Promotes humus in soil