Sustainability at Recology

Recology is committed to creating a world without waste by partnering with communities to recover resources, reduce waste sent to landfills, and sustain the natural environment.

Our investments in renewable fuels, energy efficiency, and advanced collection and processing technologies serve as the foundation for sustainable resource recovery and environmental stewardship.

Sustainability at Recology is comprised of three core principles – Environment, Community, and Culture. Where they intersect you will find Recology working to preserve the natural environment and foster healthy, resilient communities.



Beyond our core environmental services, Recology addresses the impacts of our operations by transitioning our facilities and vehicles to renewable energy, investing in water recycling infrastructure, preserving natural spaces, and minimizing emissions.


Recology empowers local communities by providing education and resources for recycling and waste reduction, cultivating a robust volunteer program, engaging local artists, and supporting community events and organizations.


As a 100% employee owned company, Recology fosters a workplace culture centered around collaboration and teamwork. By prioritizing safety, supporting employee owner development, and cultivating diversity, Recology creates an environment for employee owners to GROW.



Recology Looks to the Future with 100% Electric Vehicles

In 2019, Recology set a major milestone with the purchase of the nation’s first 100%-electric rear-load collection vehicle in Seattle, WA. In collaboration with the City of Seattle, New Way, and BYD, the demo truck (pictured) is being used for route planning purposes. The demo vehicle helped pave the way for the integration of two next generation (Gen2) collection vehicles – offering extended range and increased capacity – into the Recology King County fleet in Spring 2020.


By partnering with the city of Seattle, BYD and New Way, we can be a catalyst to effect positive, sustainable change, setting the stage for what a 21st century refuse truck should look like.

Derek Ruckman, Recology Vice President and Group Manager, Pacific Northwest



Recology is exploring fleet electrification throughout our operations in an effort to further integrate our sustainability ethos with the communities we serve. Since 2016, we have introduced fifteen 100%-electric support vehicles, and the arrival of the new collection vehicles will further help us reduce fleet emissions.

Recology has set a companywide goal to have 90% of our fleet powered by renewable or alternative energy sources by 2022. Electric vehicles will play a big part in helping us achieving that goal.