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Forms Review an explanation of possible charges on your residential bill Click here to review a list of possible charges. Review an explanation of possible charges on your Apartment bill (6+ units) Click here to review a list of possible charges. Review an explanation of possible charges on your Commercial bill Click here to review […]

CCPA Compliance

Recology Inc. adheres to the California Consumer Protection Act (2020) regulations. In order to adhere, we provide multiple forms for our customers to fill out. Please see the links below to find the link pertaining to your desired request. Request to Opt-Out of Data Collection Please fill out this form

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Property owners must use caution when choosing to perform any clean-up of fire generated debris as it may contain hazardous materials including asbestos, heavy metals or other toxins. Using a qualified and licensed abatement contractor is encouraged.

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At Recology, we are committed to supporting an inclusive and diverse work environment where employees are valued, heard, and provided development opportunities. As an employee owned company, Recology is proud that 56% of the value of Recology shares are owned by minority and/or women employees. Recology employee owners come from varying backgrounds, industries, levels of […]

Contact Us Please contact Ana Villalobos at 530-740-0435 or email with any questions. We look forward to doing business with you.

FAQs What services can Recology Products provide? Waste characterization with a detailed diversion report, brokerage, recycling rebates. Is Recology Products a broker? Yes, we are part of a large recycling network. How do I have Recology Products assess our recycling needs? Recology Products will provide a comprehensive waste characterization and from there a plan will […]

About Recology Products After we sort and recover resources from the recycling containers, the next step is finding ideal uses for these materials, or commodities. That means finding manufacturers who commit to using our commodities for the best and highest use – those who are using our commodities to create further recyclable goods that will […]

What you might consider trash, Recology calls resources, just a simple change in perspective. This is why we describe what we do as resource recovery. Recology implements recycling programs and builds infrastructure at its facilities to recover recyclables and reduce landfill-bound materials. By seeking out and utilizing new technology systems to sort and extract materials, […]