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What does it mean to have automated garbage collection? Automated garbage collection means that the truck lifts the garbage can instead of the driver having to lift and empty the can. This makes truck and driver time more efficient and reduces worker injuries. How does the system work? Each customer within the Arcata city limits […]

RECOLOGY ARCATA BILL PAY Helpful Hints If you forgot your password and have not logged in since we upgraded our payment system in February 2015, please contact customer service to receive a temporary password. When logging in with the temporary password you will be prompted to enter a new password and chose/answer security questions. If […]

We work closely with city and state government to ensure that our shared sustainability goals are made possible. The most impactful pieces of recycling legislation are AB 341 and more recently, AB 1826. AB 341 California Assembly Bill 341 (AB 341) mandates recycling for all businesses that generate more than 4 cubic yards of solid […]

Arcata Service Calendars 2019 Green Waste Calendar 2019 Monthly/Every Other Month Calendar Recycling Guidelines Download the Curbside Recycling Guidelines. Accepted Items We Cannot Accept Paper & Cardboard Containers White and pastel office paper Paper bags Junk mail Newspapers and inserts Corrugated Cardboard (flattened) Magazines and catalogs Shredded paper (place in paper bag) Chipboard (boxes from […]


Debris boxes are best used for medium to large projects, including business construction and demolition, and residential clean-ups. Example materials collected include: concrete, wood, bricks, metals, asphalt, sheetrock, glass, porcelain, concrete, and dirt; corrugated cardboard, a variety of plastics such as PVC pipe, packaging, and yard or landscaping materials. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: Materials must […]

Electronic and universal waste, such as fluorescent tubes and consumer batteries, are prohibited from the trash or landfill bin because they contain poisonous heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium that can pollute groundwater near landfills and pose harmful effects on public health. These wastes include: batteries, fluorescent bulbs, computers, monitors, cords, phones, TVs, […]

Household hazardous wastes are any materials discarded from homes that may cause a human or environmental hazard when disposed of improperly.  These wastes can cause serious threats to humans, wildlife and the environment and are illegal to toss in any of your carts. DROP OFF Residents may drop off accepted items at the Humboldt Waste […]