Commercial Recycling, Compost & Garbage Services

Recology companies provide various resource recovery programs (i.e., recycling, composting) and garbage (landfill-bound) collection services to commercial customers.

Recology provides different sizes and types of carts, bins, debris boxes, compactors and balers to make sure each business we serve has the containers and equipment that meet their needs.  Our number one focus is our customer.  Recology strives to provide service at times most convenient for our commercial customers.

We understand the space constraints our customers face, so we take care to return containers we service to locations most convenient for the businesses we serve.



Businesses currently recycle less than 25% of the waste they generate, meaning 75% is being disposed in a landfill.  Our goal is to assist our commercial customers in reducing the amount of true garbage that is destine for the landfill and increasing the recovery of recyclable materials for product reuse or remanufacturing.

To help your business develop an efficient recycling program, our expert team will help assess and select the most cost-effective container type, size and service configuration possible to meet your company's needs.

Recycle, Compost, Garbage Toters and Bins

Recology wants to help your company act responsibly with the waste generated at your facility.  Demonstrate to your customers and employees that you care about your company's impact on the environment and let us help you become an environmental steward.

Hosting a special event?  Plan your zero waste party with Recology


Recology takes pride in perfecting the production of compost from food scraps and yard trimmings that have been discarded.  Recology collects organic material and diverts it from the waste stream significantly reducing the global warming impact from landfills, as decomposing food scraps is a major source of the greenhouse gas, methane.

Recology makes it possible for the communities we serve to increase their diversion rates by converting the organic material collected into a nutrient-rich soil amendment, which is the best and highest use of these resources.  No longer are these materials landfill-bound.


Why Use Recology Compost?

Fruits & Vegetables

Sustainable agriculture is nurtured by compost made from food scraps and yard trimmings and returned to farms and vineyards as rich, dark soil amendments that return nutrients to the earth and nourish the fruits and vegetables we eat and drink.

Farmers, vineyard managers, landscapers and nurseries, agree that Recology compost products:


  • Enhance microbial activity and add nutrients to the soil.
  • Increase drainage in clay soils and water retention in sandy soils.
  • Stimulate leafy growth and succulence.
  • Promote strong root systems and build disease resistance.
  • Revitalize old soils and clean up chemical contamination.


Compost Pile

Our nutrient-rich soil amendments are created from diverse feedstock and can be custom blended to meet each grower's individual needs.  Recology also provides consultation services to customers who wish to optimize their soil amendment blend with minerals and other supplements to meet their dynamic cultivating needs.

Contact Recology to obtain information about purchasing compost and/or the consulting services we provide.


Although we make every attempt to increase the items we recycle and compost, there are still items where the best and highest use of these items have not yet been determined.  Unfortunately, these items must be placed in a gray or black cart or bin, and transported to a landfill.

Recology is committed to moving away from disposal by following the path to use less of what we have, and get more from what we use.  It is our belief that to be truly sustainable, actions must be economically feasible, socially just, and environmentally friendly.

Let Recology help your company configure a service that minimizes the materials you currently send to the landfill and optimizes the resources that can be recovered for beneficial use. 

Contact your local Recology company website to inquire about our commercial services.

Audits & Consultation

Let us help you design a service configuration that meets your recycling, composting or garbage (landfill-bound) collection needs.  Our objectives are to increase your recycling and diversion practices as well as to decrease the amount of material that is landfill-bound.

Our consultation team begins by conducting an on-site waste audit to help your company apply the best management practices to the material discarded.  Based on your audit results, we make recommendations on how to reduce your collection expense and positively impact the environment.

In short, our consultation team provides:

- Site visits to determine your goals, space requirements and implementation timeline;

- Waste auditing of your current waste stream;

- Customized service proposals for a variety of collection services and equipment options;

- Implementation of new resource recovery programs or improvement of programs currently in place;

- A single point of contact during program implementation; and

- Resource recovery signs, fliers, stickers, and educational training.

Visit your local Recology company website to inquire about our commercial services.

Questions? Find our tips and tricks on making our resource recovery programs work for you on our Frequently Asked Questions.


Customer Types Served

Recology provides services to various types customers, including:


Retail/Wholesale Businesses

Non-profit organizations

Property Management

Convention Centers


Construction Businesses

Educational Institutions

Farms & Wineries

Medical Facilities

Shopping Centers



Governmental Agencies

Outdoor Fairs & Events

Sport Facilities


Customize Your Services

Recology can help your company do the right thing for the environment by conducting a waste audit to apply the best management practices to the collection of recycle, compost, and landfill waste.

Visit your local Recology company website to inquire about the commercial services available.

Questions? Find our tips and tricks on making our resource recovery programs work for you on our Frequently Asked Questions.