E-BillPay Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

  1. What can customers do using E-BillPay?
  2. Is E-BillPay a free service?
  3. Can I access E-BillPay from outside the U.S.?


  1. How do I enroll in E-BillPay to pay my bill online?
  2. If the session times out before I am done with enrollment do I have to start all over?
  3. When will my new User ID and password be activated?
  4. How do I enroll additional customer accounts?
  5. How do I enroll additional payment accounts?
  6. When can I start making payments?
  7. Will I continue to receive a paper bill in the mail?
  8. How do I cancel my E-BillPay enrollment?
  9. How do I change my bank and/or credit card account information?
  10. How do I change my name, phone number, or email address?


  1. How is my personal and financial information kept safe?
  2. What if I forget my User ID or Password?
  3. Are all computers safe to use?
  4. How do I change my password?


  1. What types of payment source are accepted?
  2. How do I make a single, independent payment?
  3. How do I set up a regularly scheduled, automatic payment?
  4. Can I setup more than one automatic payment?
  5. When will my payment be processed?
  6. How can I confirm if my payment has been processed?
  7. How do I know which payments I've scheduled or completed?
  8. Can I pay my balance in full or extend the payment due date?
  9. Can I cancel a scheduled payment?
  10. What if I want to change or cancel my automatic, recurring payment arrangement?
  11. What happens to scheduled payments If I delete a customer account from my enrollment?
  12. What happens to scheduled payments if I cancel my enrollment?
  13. What happens to scheduled payments if I delete the bank or credit card account that was used to set up the payment?
  14. What happens if I set up a payment and do not have sufficient funds in my bank account?
  15. What happens if I set up a credit card payment and the limit on my credit card account has been exceeded?
  16. What happens if my E-BillPay payment is not processed on time or correctly?
  17. What happens if I am setting up a payment and the session times out before I finish?

Customer Service

  1. Will I receive any E-mail notifications?
  2. How may I contact E-BillPay via the Web or email?

Technical Questions

  1. What software do I need to use E-BillPay?
  2. Can I download my bills into Quicken or MS Money?